About Us

Thermal Greece has been established to offer health and healing holidays
in selected natural hot springs and spas across Greece.



Directed both by a medical doctor (rheumatologist) and a tourism specialist, we aspire to offer the optimal solutions, combining both physical healing as well as touristic accommodation and comforts, in chosen modern Greek hydrotherapy centers, which still use the same water of the springs known since antiquity. 

Thermal Greece is not a travel agency that includes spa resort destinations among other offered packages. It is a dedicated physical therapy service, which contributes to the holistic healing treatment of patients, utilizing the benefits of baths in outstanding natural hot springs in Greece. 


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In contemporary medicine, it is widely accepted that including hot baths in a natural thermal springs setting, patients’ suffering from musculo-skeletal problems, due either to medical disorders or physical and mental stress, is much more effectively addressed and cured, and healing is much more thoroughly pronounced and lasting.

Today, hot baths and curative spas, rich in trace elements, salts and other compounds beneficial to the body and mind, have proliferated internationally. This happened because we came to realize again the ancient knowledge of the benefits of natural hot springs to our bodies and their important role in revitalization, rejuvenation, pain relief and alleviation of chronic fatigue, in addition to bringing about deep relaxation and euphoria.




Due to its geography and its volcanic activity history, Greece is a very gifted land, rich in natural springs, operating year round. It offers many good-quality hot and mineral water sources, ready to contribute to the therapy of people with various medical conditions or to cater to people who just wish to feel better and enjoy life more!




We, in Thermal Greece, in our effort to recommend the best hot and mineral baths located in our country, covering a wide variety of healing properties, have ourselves visited and evaluated the qualities of each one of the springs. 

We then combined the level of accommodation and other tourist facilities surrounding the springs and, by considering the more affordable rates, we came upon the optimal “healing packages” that we are happy to offer to our guests.




Our philosophy, of which we feel proud, can be expressed by the phrase: “Giving nature its best chance to heal”.


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